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My wine road

My thing is the communication world, publicity and photography, some time from now I made contact with the wine world, gastronomy and similar. During this period I have found a lot of new terms and people of this environment that is important for you to now. I know that some of my readers are specialized people, chef, sommelier, enologists or viticultores, but in this series of notes of the Initiate I want to get closer to this other big part of the readers of, the ones that have a relationship with this world from a consumer perspective,  a lot of times leave it aside for the specialized people and that without doubt is This industry´s motor.

I count with a lot of interesting friends, which I´m thankful for and at the same time motives. I consider this a trip, in which every day brings more information, more than learning, and knowing, as every trip it´s more pleasant if you do it with company.


It´s applied to a person that participates in the practices or knowledge of something secret.

It´s applied to the person that have capacity and experience enough to do or understand something.

Today I introduce you in My wine road, to Mr. Charlie Arturaola


Born in Uruguay, Charlie Arturaola enters into the wine world through his father´s teachings. Years later, he decides to study in “Hospitality School” where he learned wine techniques. He made advanced courses in “Ecole Hotelerie in Merignac, Bordeaux” and “Ecole Du Vin et Degustacion, Sopexa, Bordeaux”. There he decided a full dedication to wine. He has a journalism and broadcasting title from the Press Institute in Montevideo, Uruguay.  He has studied about European history in the “Navarra University”, Spain. He also belong to the Wine Educators Association with base in Washington DC, “The Vintrust Group” in Sausalito, California and is delegated in “The Worldwide Sommelier Association” in Milán, Italy. Considered one of the best 10 palates of USA, by the “American Sommelier Association”.

Charlie is a “Palate”. A man that for natural capacities and studies is an expert Sommelier, the sommeliers work as wine critiques, writers, teachers and consulters. Other works as free agents, offering their services in public relations and gastronomic world connoisseurs, they also made wine tastings, private tastings and presentations.

In @CHARLIEWINE´s case he is above all, a teacher, in fact recently, he received The Verona 2012 IWSC-AWARDED COMMUNICATOR OF THE YEAR distinction by The International Wine Spirit Competition of LONDON and VINITALY-VERONA FIERE MARCH 2012- A RECOGNITION TO 25 YEARS IN WINE HOSPITALITY

Tireless traveler, a world citicen, wine and food passionate, of great plates and also of homemade meal, in fact I have him promised a good smoked Chilean rabbit when we meet.


How did I meet him:

One afternoon I received a call from Fernando Manosalva, Sommelier, inviting me to have dinner with Charlies. Place chosen El Fukai, Sushi & Asian Bistro, therefor not to go empty handed I choose to take a couple of appropriate wines. A Catrala Chardonnay Gran Reserva 2008 and a Pinot Noir Catrala Gran Reserva 2008 ( @Catrala_Wines ) .

When I got there, with an extraordinary kidness Charlie started talking, the simplest way I´ve ever heard, described both wines the perfect way, one look, the smell and then the taste, this Uruguay man from birth is a native teacher, skillful and patient. Answered my neophytes questions, I felt from him one of those presents that only give those that love their work. When I confident him mi lack of knowledge, he told me “In the wine world, it doesn´t matter in which train wagon you are! You have to be in a wagon! Cheers!



We talked about the Carmenere and its potential, “Carmenere with Sichuan & Mandarin Cuisine” he inmediatly recommended, about Chilean wines and their worldwide room, about appropriate pairing for this strain. I asked him what did he think about Chilean wines; I´m here tasting and buying your wines because I like them, he answer.

That concept, that conception of the Vitivinicultura is extraordinary, simple and at the same time, higly complex, impresses. Learning more and more of that fascinating world.

What is a man like him doing in Chile? A blind tasting, he doesn´t see the wines he is tasting.

He accompanies some buyers around the world, Sapin, Italy, Portugal, Unite States, Uruguay, Mendoza, California and Chile.

His work: in one day taste more than 70 wines and select only 17 of them in a blind taste. This is him, one of Charlie´s jobs, in every country he visits.

Why do I mention him

Arturaola is a constant guest in the most important wines and gastronomic events in the world, either as an exhibitor or judge, making him a man to have in mind to internationalize our presentations.


The Ways of The Wine

The name of this note makes allusion to the movie The Wine Road.

An awarded movie; The wine road is recognized between the best 4 movies of the Vinonen 2012 in France – Le meilleur scénario est remis au long métrage du réalisateur argentino Nicolas Carrera « El camino del vino » Charlie Arturaola

Arturaola, respresenting himself in an hipotetical situation “The famous sommelier Charlie Artuarola goes to the Mendoza province, Argentina, to be part of the glamorous event Masters of Food and Wine, after “travelling around the world in a bottle of wine” as he use to say.”  Once in the event, previous to his expected tasting, between thw glamour, the stress, the marketing, the agitated rhythm, something unusual happens to him: the total loss of his palate. The real trip starts inside him when to recover his palate he has to go back to his essence, therefore to the wine root and its creation. This is without doubt a movie that will be a great input if it has the opportunity to be seen in Chile. He is a presence very close to our country, therefore it doesn´t sound wrong bringing Charlie and his movie to our food and wine events, a great international representative of a Sommelier world.



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