The Best Carménère World

The aged Italian cops, with gold trim, are filled right up to the gold ring, reflecting the Best Carménère World.

The Carménère is one of those varieties which have to be treated with care during the process. Is in Quinta de Tilcoco, Chile were the magic beggin.

I am convinced that Carménère will open many doors and Chile will have many achievements because of it. This wine has the ability to become our most distinguished representative. It is important to know that our land nobility could create an exceptional wine. Therefore, creates an indicator of handmade quality.as4

I have been waiting for the opportunity to taste a wine like no other. I was expecting something outstanding. When Jose Francisco Gonzalez told me about Patricio’s wine, I was excited to try it. Patricio is an expert ethologist from La Puente Altas Winery. The wine was named ArteSano. While the main house was recostructed before the 2010 earthquake, every room has an specific function for the wine production.


Carménère is now in every corner of the manson. Between the big walls a workshop was created and now bottles rest on soft and fragrant straw, protected from temperature changes.  Letelier’s Carménère, is undoubtedly one of the best in Chile, in my opinion is the best. Therefore, being the best of Chile , it is the best of the world .

as9How Patricio reach this excellent level? He understood the wine and its fruit as a living being. He is concient about the complete cycle: Born, live, reproduce and death.

When I asked , how you make this wine ? The answer came quickly : Wine is prepared on the vine. It’s that clear . The hard job is to understand the grape as a living being, which reach its peak on June. In that moment, the fruit’s maturity is perfect. Patricio is Ethologist – Wine-grower , that is his passion. In order to achive his dream, he rebuilt every wall of the main house.

The gardens are slowly returning to its glory. In the field, pesticides are forbitten. Natural control is the solution at Quinta de Tilcoco.


Arte Sano is a handmade and healthy product. This wine was created throught rigurous temperature mesuares, maturity control and correct fruit and development management. You could travel arround the world and never be able to taste a wine, in such an exclusive bottle like this one. Furthermore, every single bottle has a handmade wax sealing, which allow a proper oxigenation.

Only four vineyards in the world are authorized to use it. This bottle is manufactured by another craftmen in Italy. Moreover, the bottle shape place the wine as a High Quality product for exportations.


Taste: intense , dark and deep violet.
Fragance : High aromatic intensity, complex ,black berries flavour, fruit resort is mild at first, evolving later. With a subtle touch of black pepper and vanilla . His work on vine , achieved a mature wine that brings softness and roundness. It is a complex and pleasant acidity wine, which leads to a long, lingering finish. It is a “must” to have a long and good talking with a glass in your hand. Arte Sano is known as a whisper. Almost every bottle has been sold. The only way to taste Arte Sano is to know someone who already try it. In fact, this note is the first Arte Sano’s public note.


This is the way to create the Best Carménère of the world. However, large companies are enable to achieve this level of understanding of each barrel, as Patricio Letelier does. When we tested the production of this year (it’s awesome) he told me:” The wine from this bottle come from this barrel that was fillwith the graves of that row of vines…”that was impresive! He has a complete knowledge of all the field.

The result is excellent, full fragances and flavors, full of history and meticulous work. You can find it in some upscale restaurants or in collectors’s cellars. But! I am not talking about a high-priced product, it is definitely a wine for connoisseurs, keen to try the ultimate expression of a strain, which exalts us as a country.


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